Welcome to RaJean Beauty

Founder and CEO of RaJean Beauty, Lela Kamille

Hey there Lovelies!

I’m Lela Kamille. Artist, dreamer, introvert with extroverted tendencies and most recently a blossoming businesswoman. 🙂

I started creating scented “Butters” back in 2016 as an experiment really. Just for myself. I would sit on my living room floor playing around with perfume oils and melted Shea Butter. And when I wore my butters out, people constantly asked what fragrance I was wearing! It began to become apparent that I may be on to something… But it wasn’t until Spring 2017 that I really began approaching the possibilities my butters offered. I took a trip to find some much needed inspiration and literally encountered God. (Don’t worry, we’ll dig into that later!) Just know that I came back motivated and empowered. From that experience, RaJean Beauty was born!

Thus far my personal path to ownership has truly been therapy. Learning (and unlearning..) so much, that I’m grateful to share with all of you! So stick around! This should be good!!