And On That Note…

Recognizing the energy each new year brings, especially at the closing of an entire decade with 2020, I thought it best as the year comes to an end to take some time and reflect on goals, experiences and lessons learned. Realities that needed to be reconciled and things I am personally grateful for.

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

2019 brought with it a lot of pain, growth, stretching, miracles, lifetime opportunities, realizations and truths. It showed me what true love looks like. Not the sappy romantic stuff you see in the Hallmark movies. I mean, get down in the pit with you and wrestle your demons on your behalf kinda love. Ugly, unconditional love. I brought a lot of undue stress into my life, flailing, trying to find a place for my ego to rest comfortably. (And it is no secret that the ego never really rests. So one can imagine how successful that may have been.) I wasted a lot of time feeding into negativity. Doubting tangible truth and replacing it with illusory nonsense. Allowing feelings to fester and not doing the personal work necessary to kick every single door down when it was time. To be quite frank, I all but about blew up my entire life! I owe many apologies to a lot of people and more than a simple “Thank you” to one in particular. That much is not lost on me.

I’d be remised not to mention this year also brought me one of the truest sisters I could have ever asked for. Second chances at real friendship. Redemption. I have a squad like no other!! I love you two! It also showed that though people are pretty messed up, we can all be used by God if we get out of our own way. I’m blessed to have seen this in my life.

Now we’re here. Present day and the smoke has cleared. (For the most part) Everything I am a part of right now has been laid before me. On a platter if you will. Both in Divine Purpose and by the relentless support of one somebody who has moved mountains clearing a path for said purpose. Made introductions, brainstormed strategies, found funding, literally turned hot into cold, and created a way out of no way. For that I am immensely grateful. There are parts of my story that only this person will ever be able to attest to. I assume at some point we may choose to share it all.. and boy when that day comes….. Look out NETFLIX!!! 

Photo by Myke Simon on Unsplash

The short of it all though is that when you do not fully believe you are worthy of the path you are clearly called to it is easy to disrespect it. Easy to not fully appreciate it. Even easier to sabotage it. The place my feet are standing in right now despite all of that calls for great celebration! And I’m excited for the day we can look back on EVERYTHING from a place so far removed from my stupidity that it is all laughable, unbelievable even.

Photo by Jake weirick on Unsplash

Many people look at my situation and they see a very basic surface level hustle. (Shoutout to the infamous “Backpack”!!) And that’s fine at first glance. I will not dispute that vantage point. In fact, I take full responsibility for it. That also means being responsible for pushing the narrative in a creative and fulfilling direction. For my sake and the sake of those connected to me. Not to prove anyone wrong but to show God’s work. Because I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before.. This is about SO MUCH MORE than Shea Butter!! RaJean Beauty is touching lives, healing people, creating connections and conversations. Changing what it means to be a “Small Business Owner” and even more so a “Black Owned Business”. Not to mention being a female CEO. And I absolutely cannot stress enough this is STILL JUST THE BEGINNING!!!

Photo by Charles on Unsplash

Next year, there are so many opportunities that lie ahead of us! I will not commit the crime of speaking on them all explicitly but I will say that my ultimate intention is to grow up and outward in ways that will reach many sectors, different audiences and spread the essence of what RaJean means across the country and even the world abroad! “Victory of the people!” There will be more content! Product expansion! Travel, partnerships and as many creative ways to serve you all as we can possibly muster up! 

I say this from a place of complete humility, knowing that as I write in this very moment, my story will not reach many. Nor does anyone really care. But if at some point in my life I manage to find my peace and stand up in who I truly am, others will eventually find this and appreciate just what it means. In the meantime, I am pushing myself toward greater Spiritual connection, artistic expression and mental expansion. Here’s to great health and massive manifestation for all of us in 2020!!

Keep dreaming Y’all!!! 

Photo by Deva Williamson on Unsplash