How Do You Take Your Coffee??

I was speaking to a very successful and distinguished gentleman at an event a while back and he said to me, “The way someone takes their coffee says a lot about a person. I like mine straight black. No sugar, no cream”. 

I sat for a quick moment. Thinking “You know what? That makes a lot of sense!” I was never much of a coffee drinker but Nursing school and a relationship with someone whose morning cup is some what of a ritual had changed that over the years. Yet and still I like mine heavy sugar, heavy cream and a splash of coffee. 

What does that say about me!? Well without over-analyzing, I’ll say this much. I appreciate my comforts. In a perfect world for me all things would be soft, palatable, easy going and agreeable….. Sounds “Vanilla” AF right!? I am a person who has avoided conflict sometimes by any means. I totally use “PR talk” to express my disdain and pat others on the back when a swift kick in the ass was probably more suitable. (This includes myself..) But think of how bold and straight forward of an individual one likely is to just take their coffee straight black!? 

Here this man had a certain thing about himself. There was a bit of “No nonsense” in his appearance, a subtle certainty in the cadence of his walk (borderline strut). And though one must engage in small talk at these types of events, there was a depth beneath his statement. No fluff, just facts. 

Photo by Adeolu Eletu 

Now, here I am, examining my need for cream and sugar. Thinking of all the other people in my life who take their coffee straight black. There are very few if any more than literally one person I can think of that may POSSIBLY add a little “tap tap” of each.

I’m not saying this statement made me rethink all my associations based on my coffee preference. Rather, just as with our Zodiac and Numerology, it is a simple but telling glimpse into someone’s personality. That doesn’t mean that people who prefer dessert for coffee can’t be straightforward. But I would almost bet that if you ask anyone who does and is if they’ve always been that way, you may be in for a few stories about the journey to assertiveness. 

I challenge you to consider how you take your coffee and compare that to the person, you and those close to you, know yourself to be. You may be surprised and I’d love to hear what you come up with! Either way, there’s no judgement here. You all know that by now! So whether you love straight black, a quick “tap tap”, Hazelnut-Cinnamon Vanilla with a dollop of ice cream, or you loathe coffee all together (and thus probably prefer a nice adult beverage instead)…. drink up and live life!! 

Photo by Wil Stewart 

Oh and don’t forget to Shea!! 😉

Love y’all!