It’s ALL Good!

There is NO SUCH THING AS RIGHT OR WRONG!! I don’t care. Fight me!

Now before the holy rollers rain down fire and brimstone on me, I’ll explain. All things exist in relation to something else. Literally EVERYTHING depends on one’s perspective. The Law of Relativity. One cannot know what it is until it knows what it is not. This particular post idea came to me immediately after a phone call I received regarding my most recent Facebook post. It was a picture of me in a blue dress and some bad ass high heels standing in downtown Cincinnati. Part of our upcoming RaJean Beauty campaign line up.

I answered the phone to hear abruptly, with no “Hello” or anything, just “I don’t like your picture you posted on Facebook.” To which my response was “Ok….!?!?” I was then informed that we needed to talk about what I was doing. I know what the caller was eluding to. The picture, though not much skin is showing is a provocative photo. And this impending conversation was intended to remind me of my worth. Because apparently, showing a bit of leg in a form fitted dress is a slight to my “lady-likeness”.. Whatever that means… I suppose….

Those who’ve been with me since the beginning will recall me stating I was raised fairly traditional and entirely Baptist. So this photo must have struck a nerve. But I’ll be honest, in that very moment I realized just how much I truly did not care what anyone thought. For a couple reasons..

One, it is quite interesting how as humans we are innately egotistical and self-centered. In which case we tend to think that our opinion is valuable to people outside of ourselves. Even if that opinion is regarding something we’ve never in our entire lives done before. I am building an Empire and everything that I do is with that in mind. So believe me, I’m not taking any pictures that don’t benefit my end goal.

Two, most times people bold enough to share their opinion on something they’ve never attempted are highly likely to not have much else to offer beyond their opinion. Hence the time conveniently on hand that allowed for a phone call to simply state “I don’t like your picture.” Meanwhile, I am in need of funding to open a retail location, increase my inventory and travel to new cities with my products, but that is not the conversation. It is never what can I do to help you? Only “I don’t like your picture.” Welp… Thanks! It is evident to me that “My picture” though intended to be literal is also metaphorical. When someone cannot envision great success for themselves they sure as hell can’t accept it happening for you!

Photo by Dallas Reedy 

I am learning more and more that there is no right or wrong way to do what I am attempting to do. Only what will help or hinder the journey. There is no blueprint for my path because my path is unique and made only for me. That means I am writing the manual as I go. So as long as I am staying focused and making the strides I need to accomplish what must be accomplished I am winning.

The same is true for every one of us! Please don’t get caught up in what people say or think of you as you forge your path to your destiny! It is a sure shot way to sabotage it and lose sight of the destination. People will ALWAYS have something they do or don’t like about what you are doing. That is also why it’s important not to get caught up one way or another in the praise or the criticism. Nothing is right or wrong. If you’re moving closer to your dreams then guess what???


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