End of The Beginning…

May is an interesting month for me every year. In my home it is a month filled with celebration and sorrow. Birthdays, anniversaries and death dates. This year it has been especially bittersweet. There is absolutely soooo much to be grateful for and so much to feel a bit down about. We’ve agreed, the month of May is for building character! (As a Taurus I feel pretty good about that!) And this particular birthday was a milestone for me.

To those who I’ve told the story about the conception of RaJean Beauty , know that on my 30th birthday I said I wanted 2-3 additional streams of revenue by 31.

I made that decision, committed to the process and RaJean Beauty became the 1st additional stream of revenue outside of my regular 9-5 corporate job! As 31 got closer and closer, I began to get on myself about the fact that RaJean was only the 1st endeavor when I’d given myself a goal of 2-3. But I had to stop and remind myself that at one point, everything was only an idea in my head. Ultimately it took me YEARS of fighting off my fears and insecurities to even see this company through to fruition. So for that, I am extremely proud of myself! Grace.

Thanks to our AMAZING customers (or Beauties as we like to say!) RaJean Beauty has seen much success and great positivity over the last few months. Our app is fully functioning and we have been filling orders from there successfully. We make regular trips out of the city to backpack and have even been offered the opportunity to vend at some events. All of this is wonderful and could not be happening at a better time. We find ourselves at a crux. The infamous question “What’s next??” is beginning to reveal its answer.