Hussle and Flow!!!…

This past weekend was such a phenomenal ride y’all!!! I just wanna speak to the God moments and how much they mean to me!

So a couple weekends ago I met a young lady while out selling butters. I walked up to her and her boyfriend and another woman she was with and introduced myself. “Hi, my name is Megan! I make scented Shea butters and sugar scrubs and I was wondering if you may be interested in trying some of them out?” As random as this moment was she was so receptive and even eager to give my products a chance. She fell in love with the Softest Touch (Which of course I’d just ran out of in my backpack, cause Murphy’s law.. *Eyeroll*) but she went with the Caramel Apple Pie as her 2nd choice. I showed her my app and gave them all business cards and we went on our separate ways.

Fast forward a couple weeks and this young lady is sitting in my Airbnb, in Cincinnati, being mic’d up to speak with me on camera about my brand and my products!! She’d written an amazing review of her experience and her excitement was incredible! So I reached out and asked if she wouldn’t mind helping me out with a visual “Meet the Brand” type of piece to put on my app. She eagerly agreed and brought her beautiful raspy speaking voice and bubbly personality in all its magical glory to help me tell my story!

The ride down had been met with a couple shenanigans and the foolery spilled over into the next morning with an awful breakfast experience. But our interview quickly turned into 2 girlfriends spilling tea and feeding into one another. And this turned the entire day around! The energy was wonderful and we got soooo much great footage! My boyfriend / videographer / PR Rep / Agent / everything I never have time to be.. did an AMAZING job capturing the great moments between her and I and the conversation flowed effortlessly. We were running a tad bit behind and still managed to get more than enough and everything we needed with time to spare!! Time enough to hit the shops in Cincy before close with the infamous backpack!! And when I tell you it was LOVE!?!? Honey!! Everyone was so receptive and willing to point me in the direction of another shop that I could run over to! I made some new acquaintances, got some suggestions on events coming up that I could potentially sell at and got lots of downloads on the new app!!

But the highlight of my entire backpacking experience yesterday was being sent to a plaza that is completely owned and run by black people. This place was EVERYTHING!! Multiple shops, clothing stores, salons, barbershops, restaurants, a bar… and the parking lot was LIT!!!!! Black people EVERYWHERE!!! Enjoying one another! BBQ grills out on the sidewalk near one food place, people hanging out near their cars, talking laughing, everyone spoke. I felt so safe and at home! People were happy to support and no one was fussing or arguing about a thing! I met a chef who was also out backpacking with her desserts! We exchanged info and she made a purchase as well. I pray that we each in our lifetime experience the feeling that was in that plaza! Black excellence for sure!

So today we get out in the Over the Rhine area with my backpack and I faced the challenge of approaching random strangers headed about their own busy day, asking for a bit of their time. I’ll admit it was slightly intimidating at first but then I found my groove. I even got bold enough to approach a parked car and that turned out to be the best most meaningful sale of the day! These women had been looking for some natural products and up walks little ol random ass me! Lol!! The encounter turned into an opportunity to educate about exfoliation, and sincere bonding over the culture Cincinnati seems to offer as it relates to art and entrepreneurship. Their spirits were so beautiful and happy and I hope that they read this and know without a doubt that I’m speaking about them!

To end the night I ran a contest to help boost our app DLs up to 100 as that was the goal by the end of this week. It was down to literally minutes before midnight when I got the message that we’d hit our goal!!

There were many memorable experiences and encounters this weekend and I’m happy for those moments. Each of those is what the “Backpack” is all about! Put the work in and watch the universe make good on it! After it was all over and I decided it probably best to go ahead and hit the highway home so I don’t lose my holiday pay at my normal 9-5 *Insert another eye roll*, Nipsey Hussle played the entire drive back. My Marathon is in the early stages but I’m grinding for it and I’m grateful for each of the wins we’re getting along the way!!

Til next time…. Hussle and Motivate!!

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