Apps are LIVE!!!!!!

It’s officially official!! RaJean Beauty apps went live this past week on both the App Store and Google Play Store!! Now it’s possible for anyone to easily order from anywhere and shipping is only $5 or free on orders over $40!! And!!… for all my Fort Wayne peeps! Click the “More” button in the middle of the home page for an In-Town Delivery code! Free Delivery for customers in the Fort and nearby areas!!!

Y’all. This means soooo much to me!! It’s been a looooong (and fairly expensive) journey!!.. But we finally made it! There has been so much to learn along the way and I couldn’t be more proud of my team for pulling thru for me!! (By my team… I really only mean my boyfriend who wears multiple hats such as Business Advisor, Videographer [peep the promo video on the app], Film director, Coordinator, Liaison, PR rep… and now App Developer…. lol) What can I say?? Get you a HIM!! He saw me struggling to get what I needed done and made it happen!

Anyway, this app now gives RaJean Beauty the ability and opportunity to have its own multimedia platform for communication with my amazing customers on a unique level! Streamlining content from inception to your fingertips!

So stay tuned lovelies!! This is the beginning of something super dope!!

Be sure to go download the app on your smartphone so that you have exclusive access to all RaJean Beauty is doing!! Shop!!! Experience!! Rate!! Share!! Repeat!!!! Download links are below!!



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