Being the Change We Need.

I can vividly remember as a little girl, my mother would sit in her bed after a bath and mix her Vaseline, Cocoa butter, lotion, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E cream. She would oil up and say to me “You know I need something that ‘sticks’ to my skin! They don’t make stuff that sticks to our skin!” We would mix up Sulfur 8, Blue Magic and African Pride for hair grease and use olive oil for hot oil treatments. I think we can all agree that we’ve always had to get creative with the things we need to get the most out of them and I’m pretty positive that other black women remember similar stories with their moms, aunts and grandmothers too.

As of late, I’ve noticed a trend toward Natural and Organic products on commercial shelves. The “Ethnic” section seems to be growing just a bit. But check the labels on a lot of these products. Many of these products are simply the same items repackaged. Brilliant marketing really! But so unfortunate. We still need what we need. And we shouldn’t have to keep waiting on large companies to get with the program!

Part of what makes RaJean Beauty so special to me is that full-circle moment when I am mixing oils and whipping my butters, creating new products to try out. I’m in my kitchen doing just what my mother did when I was a child and sharing that gift with others who need “something that sticks to their skin!” The love and attention that goes into each batch of butter and scrub is sent right back to me every time I walk into one of the shops with my butters and those who’ve experienced my products for themselves tell others how much they need it! I get to tell people all about the benefits of Shea Butter and hear stories of how people’s skin has been repaired and rejuvenated. I’m humbled and honored to engage with real people, make real connections and help real issues and I’m grateful to be changing lives one jar at a time!

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